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Anonymous inquired How long have you been photographing gigs for? You are awesome at it

I started officially at the beginning of 2012!
the past two year before that I had only photographed my friends bands, and just a few things for fun.

but yeah, 2012 was the game changer, and boy am I glad I fell into it.

It keeps me going.

Thanks for the message and the kind words, I really really appreciate it.

Anonymous inquired I found you on instagram lovely ! :) one of my friends liked your pictures and I went on your page and was captivated. Your photos are so rad. I'm super excited to start. I just need to finish my current course then I'm planning on emailing to see if I can get some experience from them. Thankyou so much though for everything. X you rule :)

instagram rules!
I should probably use mine for more for my photos, but I find that people do enjoy a few personal posts here and there to break it up?

this is really cool though, I’m really flattered you took the time to message me!

p.s. you should message me your instagram username so I can have a lurk back if I haven’t already!